Jowl Treatment Options That Might Work for You

Jowl Treatment Options That Might Work for You

While Botox is proving itself useful for a myriad of conditions, it’s also an ideal option for cosmetic reasons, as well. It, along with several other treatment options, may be able to help with jowls.

Out of all parts of your body, it’s your lower face that often begins to show the first signs of aging. While you might have sleek contours around your jawline and chin while you’re young, time can cause that loosening skin around your cheeks and mouth to sag. And when it sags, it has to go somewhere. In most cases, it gathers and collects around your lower face.

Sure, you could let nature do its thing, but what if there were options to limit sagging jowls? Read on to find out what, alongside Botox, might be right for you.


If you are just beginning to notice sagging jowls, and they haven’t had a chance to take full effect, then thermage might be a treatment option worth your consideration. It’s a non-invasive laser tightening treatment that’s able to re-contour your skin.

It’s sometimes recommended for younger patients with only the beginning signs of sagging jowls. It works by transferring radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of your skin. By doing so, it firms up saggy elastin fibres and collagen while encouraging collagen production at the same time.


Choose The Right Psychologist

How To Choose The Right Psychologist For You Or Your Family

There can be several reasons why you might be seeking the help or advice of a psychologist, either for yourself, or for someone you care for, such as a child. Given the huge impact that any meetings and subsequent consultations with that psychology professional can have on the lives of the people they are treating, it is imperative that you choose your psychologist wisely.

Now we are not saying this because there is a huge problem with so-called ‘rogue’ psychologists, after all, we are not talking about someone coming to fix your boiler. However, what we are saying is that given the extremely personal one-to-one interactions that a psychologist will have with their client as they confer, support, and treat them, it is essential that you get the choice right.

To give you some assistance in making a better and more informed decision, here are some questions to ask of them and to research in their reviews so that you can determine whether they are the right choice of psychologist for you or a member of your family

Are They Passionate About Their Work?

You want to select a psychologist who is passionate about the role they have, as this augurs well for them being passionate about helping their patients. Any initial conversations you have with them, even if it is an enquiry, should give you some indication of how much they seem to want to help.


Unlawful Termination

Why Should I Seek Support When Working Through an Unlawful Termination Case?

If you’ve recently been fired from a job, you may be entitled to open an unlawful termination case if your employer didn’t follow the correct legal channels. In general, unlawful termination refers to the termination of employment that is in breach of contract or legislation or that breaks discrimination or equal opportunity laws.

Although pursuing an unlawful termination claim from a past employer can result in significant financial payouts, it can also be a very stressful process. Because of this, it’s important to ensure you have adequate support before you consider opening a dispute.

In the rest of this article, we’ve looked closer at the benefits of seeking support when working through an unlawful termination case:

  1. You Will Be More Stable Mentally

Having someone alongside you when you’re working through an unlawful termination case will help you maintain mental stability and good mental health. Consider partnering with a close friend or family member who can support you through what may be a difficult time.

They will be able to help you with numerous things. But, sometimes something as simple as just being there for you will be enough to make things easier.

  1. You Will Have More Chance of a Successful Outcome

Using a reliable lawyer or legal aid professional will help ensure a positive outcome for your case. Since unlawful termination cases can be very stressful, it’s a great idea to ensure you have strong legal support.

Working alongside a lawyer will provide you with the resources you need to tackle the problem properly. And, the knowledge that you have support working alongside you should help you maintain a healthy mental state.


Cosmetic Dental Services

What Cosmetic Dental Services Could Be for You

A niggle, ache, or pain can often be reason enough for people to make an appointment with their general dentist. However, have you thought about what a cosmetic dentist can do for you?

Not every trip to the dentist has to be a repair mission. Instead, it can be a confidence-boosting, self-esteem lifting appointment that has you grinning from ear to ear once you leave your dentist’s office. Find out what cosmetic dental services could be right for you below.  

Teeth Whitening

You’ll struggle to find anyone who is 100 percent happy with the shade of their teeth. Tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine, and some foods can all have a detrimental impact on the colour of your teeth, which can impact your confidence to smile.

Rather than put up with yellow teeth, see your cosmetic dentist. They may recommend in-chair teeth whitening or take-home tray kits for that set of pearly whites you’ve always wanted.

Porcelain Veneers

In the event of permanently stained teeth, or teeth with chips, cracks, gaps, and breaks, your cosmetic dentist might recommend porcelain veneers.

Veneers are thin shells that adhere to the surface of your teeth and hide minor imperfections. They can shrink gaps, hide staining, and even take care of those chips and cracks that can affect your self-esteem. Ask your dentist if they’re right for you. (more…)

How to Help your Child Not to Fear the Dentist

Taking your child to the dentist can be a trying ordeal for both the parent and the child. However, making sure that you, as a parent or guardian, are calm and optimistic about the situation can make a world of difference. Remember, your child looks to you for guidance.

A dental clinic is somewhere your child will need to visit at least once a year. When you make it a positive experience from the beginning, you lay the foundation for positive visits in the future.

Now, let’s start by saying that all kids are different. Some might be fine with going to the dentist, but others may not. Telling them what will happen is better than springing a surprise visit on them.

Depending on the child’s age, they will have some idea what the dentist is for. However, whether it’s a quick and easy checkup, or something more involved procedure, it’s essential to be as honest as possible – while still choosing your words carefully. (more…)

Does My Bilingual Child Need Speech Therapy?

A little over 43 percent of the world’s population is bilingual, which refers to being able to speak two languages of equal fluency. Merely being bilingual doesn’t mean your child will need a kids’ speech therapist, but it does mean that you need to pay close attention to how your child learns their languages to make sure they’re on the right track.

A child with a speech and language issue can look very similar to one that is trying to learn two languages. Knowing the differences and similarities can make all the difference in knowing if your child requires speech therapy, or if they are reaching all their speech milestones as expected.

What Bilingual Language Acquisition Looks Like

Any adult that has decided to learn a second language will know that it can take time, patience, and a lot of learning. The same rules apply to a child that is learning two languages, as well. The difference is that a young child is likely learning two at once.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon for errors to exist in both languages as your child tries to grasp the components of both. They may switch back and forward between both, mix the two, or learn sounds and words differently than what is typical for each language on its own.

They may even say one sentence in one language, then another in their second language. If they stop learning or repeating one of the languages, it’s also fairly common for them to lose proficiency in it, with more use of a single language.


What You Need to Know Before Your Dental Implant Procedure

When you make an appointment with your local dentists for treatment, you can revel in the knowledge that they will answer any questions you might have. Whether you’re nervous about having a tooth pulled, or your kid fear dentist visit or want to know which type of toothbrush to use, your dentist is the best person to ask.

However, sometimes it helps to learn a little bit about a procedure before you see your dentist. You can then understand the basics of it and think of other questions to ask your oral health care professional when you see them next.

At some stage, your dentist may have recommended a dental implant procedure to you. Without asking any questions, it’s not that easy to work out what’s involved. Whether you’re ready to book your dental implant procedure, or you want to find out more about it before you do, then read on.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are posts that are inserted into your jawbone where a tooth used to be. They form the foundation for an artificial tooth to be placed on the top. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent. They look and function like your natural teeth, with dentists going above and beyond to ensure that all details, even the colouring, match your current teeth. (more…)