A niggle, ache, or pain can often be reason enough for people to make an appointment with their general dentist. However, have you thought about what a cosmetic dentist can do for you?

Not every trip to the dentist has to be a repair mission. Instead, it can be a confidence-boosting, self-esteem lifting appointment that has you grinning from ear to ear once you leave your dentist’s office. Find out what cosmetic dental services could be right for you below.  

Teeth Whitening

You’ll struggle to find anyone who is 100 percent happy with the shade of their teeth. Tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine, and some foods can all have a detrimental impact on the colour of your teeth, which can impact your confidence to smile.

Rather than put up with yellow teeth, see your cosmetic dentist. They may recommend in-chair teeth whitening or take-home tray kits for that set of pearly whites you’ve always wanted.

Porcelain Veneers

In the event of permanently stained teeth, or teeth with chips, cracks, gaps, and breaks, your cosmetic dentist might recommend porcelain veneers.

Veneers are thin shells that adhere to the surface of your teeth and hide minor imperfections. They can shrink gaps, hide staining, and even take care of those chips and cracks that can affect your self-esteem. Ask your dentist if they’re right for you.


Teeth alignment issues can affect both young and old, but your cosmetic dentist might have the answer. Invisalign is a comfortable, flexible orthodontic product that can be a preferred option for many people over conventional braces. They are safe and removable, offer an invisible appearance, and promote beautifully straight teeth.

Traditional metal braces may still be a requirement for anyone with significant tooth alignment issues. Still, they, too, can work in your favour as a confidence booster. Talk to your dentist about methods for teeth straightening today.

Dental Implants

The average Australian adult is missing at least four teeth, with that number rising with age. Not only can missing teeth affect your self-confidence, but it can also impact your oral health considerably.

Those with missing teeth can suffer from reduced jaw bone mass, speech problems, more stress on neighboring teeth, not to mention a changing of facial structure as your remaining teeth try to fill the gap.

Before your oral health suffers, talk to your cosmetic dentist about dental implants. They are a titanium root that gets inserted into your jaw bone to take the place of your old tooth root.

An artificial tooth is placed on top and will operate as your natural teeth do. Dental implants are a seamless, straightforward procedure, and one that is growing in popularity by the day.

Dentists can help with check-ups, fillings, aches, pains, and much, much more, but they are also there to offer a self-esteem boost when you need it. At your next check-up, ask what cosmetic services might be right for you. You deserve to have that winning smile.