Are you consuming the right cinnamon?

Cinnamon is one of those spices which everyone loves but through research & anecdotal evidence has been shown to have benefits far from your average spice! Cinnamon has been shown to raise the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol which helps to remove the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol from the body.

Cinnamon may also help to treat Type 2 Diabetes by reducing blood pressure & insulin resistance. Cinnamon may also lessen the effects of high fat meals by slowing the increase of blood sugar levels after eating.

So picking the right cinnamon is important. There are over a dozen different types of cinnamon but there are only 4 varieties which are commonly used: Ceylon Cinnamon, Cassia Cinnamon, Saigon Cinnamon & Korintje Cinnamon. But which is the right type to use?

Ceylon cinnamon is the ‘True’ cinnamon & is known by two botanical names: Cinnamomum verum or Cinnamomum zeylanicum. This species is from Sri Lanka. Cassia Cinnamon is derived from a related species of cinnammon & is also known as Chinese cinnamon. Some research shows thats Cassia cinnamon can be toxic if taken in large doses.


4 Actions Every Removalists Business Can Take To Support The Well-Being Of Their Employees

4 Actions Every Removalists Business Can Take To Support The Well-Being Of Their Employees

For owners of removalist businesses, such as Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, the list of duties and responsibilities is a long one. How each removalists owner deals with them all may be different, but almost certainly they will have prioritised each item on that list. One question we will have for you if you own or run a removalist business is how near the top of your list is ensuring the health and well-being of your employees?

We hope that is one of your top 3 priorities because it is a fact that those employers who place their staff’s wellbeing above most other matters, find that those employees have greater loyalty, work harder, are more productive and if ever called upon to do that little bit extra to support the business, they are glad to do so.

The alternative is to ignore your staff’s wellbeing or to give it scant regard. The result? Usually, it leads to employees who are demotivated, do the absolute minimum required of them, start looking elsewhere for employment and end up taking more than the average number of days of absence due to sickness.

Being an employer who genuinely places a high focus on employee welfare, can be done in lots of ways. However, we are going to highlight just four. Under these four main headings, there will dozens of smaller actions you can take. As your read through you will see that none of them requires any great investment of capital, although they may require an investment of time and effort.


How to Know You Need Cataract Surgery

How to Know You Need Cataract Surgery

The only way you truly know you need laser eye surgery from Insight Eye Clinic is after an appointment, or more than one, with an eye specialist or surgeon. However, that’s not to say you don’t already have an inkling that such a surgical procedure could be on the cards for you.

If you’re curious or concerned, some of these signs below could signal that it might be time to make an appointment with your eye doctor.

You Are in the High-Risk Group

While you may not show any other signs of needing to have cataract eye surgery, it can be worth knowing what puts you more at risk than others of eventually needing this surgery.


Why we need slow food

Why we need slow food

The art of traditonally made foods such as cultured butter is making a comeback. Cultured butter is made by adding live cultures to cream before it is churned to make butter. The advantages of cultured butter over regular butter is that the added cultures aid digestion. The cultures also add lactic acid which can give the butter a tangier taste as well as producing a higher fat content which gives the butter a silkier texture and richer flavour.

Before the industrialisation of food production most handmade butter was made with a natural active culture. Fresh cream straight from the cows would be allowed to sit at room temperature overnight so that the cream would rise to the top and the milk settle to the bottom. This would allow the natural cultures to ferment the milk, creating a nutty and tangy cream which was then churned by hand.

Once pasteurisation of dairy products began the natural cultures were killed and our taste for tangier nuttier style butter went with it. Interestingly, in Europe the practice of adding live cultures following pasteurisation became standard practice and this is what food manufacturers (and health foodies!) are now rediscovering.

Traditionally made food such as cultured butter is something that is encouraged by a global movement called Slow Food. Slow Food was founded in Italy 1989 by Carlo Petrini and a group of activists who were concerned that local food cultures and traditions were rapidly disappearing due to massive food production. Starting small at a grass roots level, Slow Food has now grown to over 160 countries.


How To Ensure Your Medical Centre's Ranking Improves With Great Website Design

How To Ensure Your Medical Centre’s Ranking Improves With Great Website Design

When it comes to improving the ranking of your medical centre’s website on Google, it is imperative that you appreciate just how much the design of a website plays a role. As the website design experts at will tell you, as much of the work that goes into building a website is about optimising it for rankings, as it is to make that website look good.

As the owner or manager of a medical centre who might be thinking, either about a new website, or about how you might improve your current website, you should know what elements of the website design need to be optimised for SEO. After all, there is no point in focusing purely on making your website look better than any other website if no one ever gets to see it because it is ranked on page 10 of Google.

So, to help you to ensure that your website has the qualities that are needed for good SEO and good ranking, here are the more important ones you should be paying attention to and implementing.

Your Website Needs To Load Quickly

Nothing will kill your ranking quicker than a website that does not load quickly. In this fast-moving world of handheld devices and mobile internet access, people want everything to happen ‘5 minutes ago’. In other words, they want quick and immediate action and that means if your website loads slowly, they are going to click away or ‘bounce’ immediately. Bounces are identified by Google and are one of the factors that will lower your ranking.


Jowl Treatment Options That Might Work for You

Jowl Treatment Options That Might Work for You

While Botox is proving itself useful for a myriad of conditions, it’s also an ideal option for cosmetic reasons, as well. It, along with several other treatment options, may be able to help with jowls.

Out of all parts of your body, it’s your lower face that often begins to show the first signs of aging. While you might have sleek contours around your jawline and chin while you’re young, time can cause that loosening skin around your cheeks and mouth to sag. And when it sags, it has to go somewhere. In most cases, it gathers and collects around your lower face.

Sure, you could let nature do its thing, but what if there were options to limit sagging jowls? Read on to find out what, alongside Botox, might be right for you.


If you are just beginning to notice sagging jowls, and they haven’t had a chance to take full effect, then thermage might be a treatment option worth your consideration. It’s a non-invasive laser tightening treatment that’s able to re-contour your skin.

It’s sometimes recommended for younger patients with only the beginning signs of sagging jowls. It works by transferring radiofrequency energy to the deep layers of your skin. By doing so, it firms up saggy elastin fibres and collagen while encouraging collagen production at the same time.


Unlawful Termination

Why Should I Seek Support When Working Through an Unlawful Termination Case?

If you’ve recently been fired from a job, you may be entitled to open an unlawful termination case if your employer didn’t follow the correct legal channels. In general, unlawful termination refers to the termination of employment that is in breach of contract or legislation or that breaks discrimination or equal opportunity laws.

Although pursuing an unlawful termination claim from a past employer can result in significant financial payouts, it can also be a very stressful process. Because of this, it’s important to ensure you have adequate support before you consider opening a dispute.

In the rest of this article, we’ve looked closer at the benefits of seeking support when working through an unlawful termination case:

  1. You Will Be More Stable Mentally

Having someone alongside you when you’re working through an unlawful termination case will help you maintain mental stability and good mental health. Consider partnering with a close friend or family member who can support you through what may be a difficult time.

They will be able to help you with numerous things. But, sometimes something as simple as just being there for you will be enough to make things easier.

  1. You Will Have More Chance of a Successful Outcome

Using a reliable lawyer or legal aid professional will help ensure a positive outcome for your case. Since unlawful termination cases can be very stressful, it’s a great idea to ensure you have strong legal support.

Working alongside a lawyer will provide you with the resources you need to tackle the problem properly. And, the knowledge that you have support working alongside you should help you maintain a healthy mental state.