For owners of removalist businesses, such as Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, the list of duties and responsibilities is a long one. How each removalists owner deals with them all may be different, but almost certainly they will have prioritised each item on that list. One question we will have for you if you own or run a removalist business is how near the top of your list is ensuring the health and well-being of your employees?

We hope that is one of your top 3 priorities because it is a fact that those employers who place their staff’s wellbeing above most other matters, find that those employees have greater loyalty, work harder, are more productive and if ever called upon to do that little bit extra to support the business, they are glad to do so.

The alternative is to ignore your staff’s wellbeing or to give it scant regard. The result? Usually, it leads to employees who are demotivated, do the absolute minimum required of them, start looking elsewhere for employment and end up taking more than the average number of days of absence due to sickness.

Being an employer who genuinely places a high focus on employee welfare, can be done in lots of ways. However, we are going to highlight just four. Under these four main headings, there will dozens of smaller actions you can take. As your read through you will see that none of them requires any great investment of capital, although they may require an investment of time and effort.

Listen To What Your Employees Are Telling You

There is a well-worn phrase that managers and business owners use which is “My door is always \open”. They sound like fine words, however, the problem within many companies is that whilst the door may always be open, unfortunately, the ears of the person sitting in that office are usually closed.

The best way to help your employees regarding their well-being is to listen to what their problems are, and actively encourage them to tell you what is wrong. Also, let them know that no subject is off-limits so whether they wish to talk about salaries, hours of work, the future of the company, or a personal issue causing them some distress, you or someone of authority within the company will be willing to listen to them.

Ensure That You Take Action On The Feedback You Receive

Having listened to your employee’s feedback, it is of no benefit to anyone if you do not take action upon it. You do not necessarily need to implement their every whim, but at least be willing to look at solutions to some of the major problems they highlight. Whether it is looking at flexible hours, reducing the frequency of meetings, staggering start times or making a counsellor available for employees twice a month, they all show you are listening and willing to support your staff.

Lead By Example

Although you might own or manage your removalists business, you have as much right to look out for your well-being as you do for others. To this end, you should lead by example to encourage your employees to see their well-being and health as a priority. Whatever new policies you introduce that benefit employees be the first to champion them. Whether it is working flexible hours, or making use of occupational health services, set the example for others.

Encourage A ‘Well-Being’ Culture Within Your Business

This is where you set one of the values of your removalists business as being the promotion of employee well-being including their physical and mental health. By setting this as a company value it should then be reflected within your policies and methods of operation. It also needs to be embraced by all managers and staff as they interact with each other daily.