How To Ensure Your Medical Centre's Ranking Improves With Great Website Design

How To Ensure Your Medical Centre’s Ranking Improves With Great Website Design

When it comes to improving the ranking of your medical centre’s website on Google, it is imperative that you appreciate just how much the design of a website plays a role. As the website design experts at will tell you, as much of the work that goes into building a website is about optimising it for rankings, as it is to make that website look good.

As the owner or manager of a medical centre who might be thinking, either about a new website, or about how you might improve your current website, you should know what elements of the website design need to be optimised for SEO. After all, there is no point in focusing purely on making your website look better than any other website if no one ever gets to see it because it is ranked on page 10 of Google.

So, to help you to ensure that your website has the qualities that are needed for good SEO and good ranking, here are the more important ones you should be paying attention to and implementing.

Your Website Needs To Load Quickly

Nothing will kill your ranking quicker than a website that does not load quickly. In this fast-moving world of handheld devices and mobile internet access, people want everything to happen ‘5 minutes ago’. In other words, they want quick and immediate action and that means if your website loads slowly, they are going to click away or ‘bounce’ immediately. Bounces are identified by Google and are one of the factors that will lower your ranking.