Why Over 60s Should Consider Dental Implants

There are some who might regard dental implants as a treatment that is only suitable for younger people. By ‘younger’, we mean those who are below 60 years of age. The reason for this assumption is likely to be the fact that dental implants are often viewed as a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical one.

As such the desire within certain age groups, to maintain their appearance is regarded as much higher than it might be in retirees and grandparents, for example. Therefore the theory is that the improvement of one’s appearance following the fitting of dental implants is bound to drive the popularity of them in this younger age group.

Whilst this might have some mileage with regards to younger people wanting to look good to attract a partner, the point that it completely misses is that all the benefits that dental implants provide apply every bit as much to the over 60s, as it does to the under 60s. Here is a list from dentists to explain to why anyone aged 60 or higher should consider any of these benefits from dental implants.